Registration and Timeline:

Registration for the online-only competition is now open (registration form here) and students must publish their pitches on the Seeking Alpha website to be considered for the competition. The submission deadline is Sunday, October 23, 2016 11:59 P.M. Winners will be announced one week following the deadline. 

Submission Instructions & Guidelines

  • If you are participating as a team, please follow the steps here to submit your pitch on Seeking Alpha

    • Each individual must follow Step I – Step III on the document attached

    • The primary team contact must also follow Step IV and Step V

  • If you are participating as an individual, please follow the steps here to submit your pitch on Seeking Alpha

  • Reminder to all participants: In order to consider the submission for the specific competition, participants need to check the box "Enter Competition", which appears at the very end of the submission process, below the article preview. Once they check the box, a drop down list will open to let them check/select: Fall 2016 Columbia University. 

Stock Pitch Guidelines

  • Pitches must be a long or short idea on a single stock, or a pair trade.

  • Pitches should be a minimum of 2 pages long, with no maximum

  • Individuals/teams should select a stock from the Nasdaq, NYSE, or NYSE Amex with a market capitalization of greater than $500 million.

  • All content must represent the author's own work.

  • All charts or graphs must have a source (if it is the authors’ work, please provide a source for data used), and all non-obvious information must also have a source, preferably a link (see formatting).

  • The pitch should briefly introduce the company, but then should focus on the author’s analysis and opinion, rather than reporting widely known information about the company.

  • See written pitch judging criteria for suggestions on how to submit a strong pitch. 

Written Pitch Judging Criteria

  • Seeking Alpha will review all the published pitches and will select which individuals/teams will be invited to the final round based on the following criteria:
    • Does the author(s) support his/her thesis and recommendation with compelling arguments, sourced information, and clear analysis?
    • Does the author(s) show an understanding for the discussed company and its industry or sector, as well as broader trends relevant to the company?
    • Does the author(s) explain the valuation of the company and the company’s financial state?
    • Does the author(s) explain the market’s consensus view on the stock, and make a case for why it is wrong?
    • Does the author(s) appropriately address the risks and/or variant view on this stock, and assess what could go wrong with the thesis?
    • Does the author(s) provide catalysts or drivers that will lead his/her thesis to play out?
    • Does the author(s) make the case for an asymmetric risk/reward in the stock?
    • Does the author(s) present an original thesis on the stock?

For questions or concerns please contact